Benefits Of Email Marketing

With its potential to achieve direct focus on your brand, product or service to your target market email marketing is considered one of the most efficient online marketing tools available today and should be an important consideration for any marketing team.

Email marketing makes use of e-mail to deliver information, data and any other information for a certain business to their audience thus successfully transmitting what the business wants their target-market to learn without having to spend large numbers in regards to marketing strategies. For businesses that are looking for a powerful way to communicate whilst keeping down costs, Email marketing could be the key.

Email Marketing Types
Most businesses utilise email marketing in 2 distinct ways, direct sales or informative news. Both methods should use an opt-in list of quality email contacts.
Sales emails provide your business the ability to introduce related items of purchased products to the customer or up sell to the customer by offering other details such as extra benefits for which a customer might be interested to take up.
Another way to do it is through direct email marketing. Direct email marketing contains the delivering of product information straight to the client. This can be a catalog or a special offer that might be unique or not to the intended recipient. Your business should make use of your subscribers’ opt-in record or even buy a list, we’ve listed a few places you can buy email lists.

Selectabase –
Experian –
Creditsafe –

Email marketing your businesses to talk about or show your latest products and promotions more quickly than using other traditional marketing techniques. Unlike twitter, Facebook and linkedIn you are able to put your message directly in front of your audience without them having to look for you. Following are some benefits of e-mail marketing when it is done in a proper way;

1. Easily target big audiences
Using the help of email marketing, you can now send your message to a bigger group with just a single mouse click. This is of more advantage for conveying any breaking news to a bigger number of customers quickly. It gives you the chance to work with your potential customers, getting their attention and helping them to do more with your updates.

2. Follow up sales
If a customer purchases an item from your website you can send them details about other relevant items to those they have bought. In the same way, it can be used for services associated to the products they have purchased. This kind of marketing is known as ‘Up-Sell’ and is very useful for commerce websites.

3. Eliminates distance barriers
Through email, companies who are working from different countries can also exchange their message more conveniently. These days, the moment you clicked send, your message is delivered instantly to the mailbox of the recipient. In the past, the process of delivering or getting letters takes times or perhaps weeks. This result is useless delay in decision-making process. Instead, e-mails instantly communicate the essential information to any member regardless of any hurdle.

4. Get feedback
One of the most significant things that any business would need to have is direct feedback from their clients. E-mail surveys allow the consumer to voice their true views and emotions about the company’s service or products. By linking up with a service such as survey monkey you can get important customer feedback allowing you to improve your products or enhance your services.

5. Communicate more often
Email marketing is a faster and more efficient ways to communicate your target audience. Once your platform has been setup you can quickly send emails monthly, weekly or even daily.

6. Track conversations
All popular email software allows you to track opens, bounces, forwards, un-subscribes and click throughs. This allows you to communicate with the people you know to be interested in your communications.

What Software to use
We’ve tried a number of email software packages over the years. You need to consider deliverability and ease of use over cost. Deliverability is of the upmost importance, if your emails land in someones spam or junk box there’s absolutely no point sending the email in the 1st place.

We recommend the following packages.
Mail chimp –
iContact –
Constant Contact –

Email Design
Your emails need to stand out, your customer will receive so many sales emails on a daily basis, why are they going to read yours over other peoples? You need to create a subject line that’s going to create interest and make a design that gives impact, draws attention and makes people want to read what you have to say.

The Conclusion
In conclusion, an email campaign is among the most powerful tools available in your online marketing strategy. Do not waste the chance and try to make the most of every message.

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